Private Lives – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Private Lives (2020) | Korseries

He asks Kim to look into UI to see if there’s any substance to this claim – which Kim eventually agrees to do. As Kim is distracted by several businessmen arriving, Jeong-Hwan makes his exit and slips away.
Sleeping in the PC Graveyard van, he and Yoon-Seok continue to look into the case together while the former refuses to trust anyone.

As they search the computers, the duo watch Kim heading back to the hotel and heading up to the 20th floor. Thanks to some ingenuity and “documentary posing” the duo manage to get in the system and check the CCTV footage.

What they find encourages Jeong-Hwan to head up himself to the 20th floor (which is still under construction apparently) to find out who he’s meeting there. It turns out Kim’s holding a private meeting with Edward Kim, confirming that the pair are working together.


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