Architecture Vs. Interior Design: How Are The Two Careers Different

What can you do with an architecture degree

Every building tells a story, a story embedded in its walls, a tale told by its originators. Such stories are crafted by the intricate work of both Architects and Interior Designers.

Such people work in sync with each other to make a building and it’s indoor spaces functional, pleasant and appealing. They create spaces in our surroundings that impact our psychology and well-being.

Since both Architects and Interior Designers have a similar work profile that involves designing, people often get confused between these overlapping professions. For instance, an Architect designs the structure of a building, while an Interior Designer designs what goes inside the building.

Hence, before ambling on to any of these professions you should know the differences between them. I’ll take you through all of these differences one by one, and will also discuss how you can pursue a career in either of the two fields.

Who is an Architect?

Empty spaces built to perfection with a delicate balance between planning and execution is the work of an architect. They create new, colourful, interesting, creative spaces that light up our surroundings and don’t let boredom set in.

An Architect is a person who designs, reviews, and oversees the construction of buildings. S/he creates a structure on a given space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye at the same time. All the details that are present on the exterior of a building are the work of an Architect.

They also plan the basic structure of the building that includes the placement of rooms, kitchen, dining room, garden, and ensure that appropriate space is rewarded to them in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Who is an Interior Designer?

After a building is constructed, the responsibility of accessorizing and furnishing the empty spaces within the building lies with the Interior Designer. As the name suggests, these people design the interiors of a place and internally beautify the site in accordance with the purpose they will be used for.

For instance, if they are given the project of a house, they decide which sofas are to be kept in the drawing room, which curtains would go well with the sofa, what color scheme should be followed in the house, if any woodwork is required, where should the different furniture items be placed, which paintings would enhance the look of the house, what kind of accessories like hangings, clocks, vases, etc. are required to balance the room.

Hence, interior designers fill up the empty spaces within a building to make them complete.


So, as you can see, the work of Architects and Interior Designers is vastly different. Now, let’s look at the specifics of their differences one-by-one.


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